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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The Three Little Piggies!

Here they are!!!

The three little piggies!

They are 2 weeks old today and I cannot believe the size of them!  I think they are all going to be bruisers!  They all have their eyes open now but their ears are still closed!  Jasper and Casper (spot has been renamed to Casper) are the bigger of the three and quite feisty, they like to give a little hiss when you go near them, but Tony is just adorable and laid back and chilled!

They are not doing a lot yet apart from feeding and sleeping and Poppy really has had enough of them already!  In fact she was out on the lash all night last night, which meant I woke every hour to see if she had come home and resigned myself to the fact that she wasn't coming back and therefore which kitten would I be keeping to replace her (JOKE!!) (Jasper of course!!!!) until she rolled in at 6am little hussy!!!!!!  My real worry was how was I going to hand rear these kittens which cannot be weaned onto solids for another few weeks!

Tony just chillin'

In bed with Mum!

Sooo back to dear old Marley!

Completely comatose this morning!

I don't think he is doing so good on his leg!  He is off the painkillers now and whilst he is able to walk on it OK he is not putting his foot down when standing which worries me.  He has a check up appointment for x-rays in a couple of weeks so I am going to hold on till then and maybe they will tell me he is doing OK  I just don't want him to have to have more surgery I don't think he could stand it!

So Busta came round this afternoon to keep him company and they had a great time.....

Busta's favourite submissive position when playing tug of war with Marley!

Marley's had enough!

Waiting for their treats after the game!

I'm going to leave with you a cool photo of Busta that I took on Saturday night whilst sharing a lovely takeaway at Belindas!


The REAL Marley and Me xx


  1. Oh my goodness I could just nestle them in my pockets and run away with them (I might have to take Marley too……)

    Sorry he's not feeling better on his leg, poor boy. When was the op done? Hopefully it's just has a longer healing time, and he'll be bounding about, being a Moose in no time.

    I love the photo of Busta…very h'educated!

    So….the big question….are you keeping a kitten?

  2. Its been about 6 weeks now so I suppose it could just take longer fingers crossed! I CANNOT keep a kitten!!!!!!!! I find it quite stressful with the three I already have lol! Has your pussycat come home yet?

    1. No, she's not back yet… I saw kitty paw prints in the snow yesterday and got my hopes up, but when looking out the window later in the day I saw next doors cat on our lawn. I'm not giving up hope yet, but am getting more and more worried with time.

      They had to completely redo his tendon, didn't they? As a lay person, I think I'd probably still be feeling it quite badly within 6 weeks. Really hope he's feeling better soon.

    2. Ah bless her, I hope she finds her way back home soon, cats can go missing for weeks and months at a time and still return so hope is not lost! I think you are right about Marley's leg, they actually removed the tendon and reshaped his leg bones so i think I am expecting too much of him so soon, I did read somewhere that it can take up to 14 weeks recovery so he's got time yet!

      Happy Easter xxx

    3. My goodness, what an incredible vet you have. I'm sure he'll be bouncing about in no time….for now appreciate the (relative) quiet.

      Happy Easter to you too xx

    4. He had to go a specialist who has apparently appeared on TV no less lol! He's very good but these operations cost about £4,000 in total with all the check ups etc. so my pet insurance is my lifeline!!!

    5. ….I have no words for that expense…..a short intake of breath, wide eyes and mouth open are all I could manage! xx

  3. Hope all will be ok with Marley soon,sounds like he just needs a bit more healing time.
    Kittens are so adorable,and such fun to watch their antics!
    Hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend.

    Bellaboo X