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Monday, 21 October 2013

It's all about me!!!!!!!'s all about me..........


So I promised a while ago with Marley's lack of mischievousness in his old age that I would blog more about me, so here goes!

I have had a cold for FIVE weeks, yes FIVE weeks!  I have not been quiet about the fact that I have had a cold for FIVE weeks and today I gave in and went to the doctors because I am completely deaf in my left ear.  Seems I have a blocked tube between my nose and my ear which is causing fluid build up and so I now have a nasal spray to use and god willing, i mean seriously GOD WILLING, it will be better in a few days!!!!  In the meantime there will be lots of this...

and this..........

So to make myself feel better I spent TEN quid on a candle that smells of wild bluebells and peony's which is lovely and looks gorgeous next to my ribbon flowers very cleverly made by Natalie's niece Minnie....


I suppose I had better give Marley a mention before I go!  He is penciled in for the surgery on his leg next Monday providing the pre-authorisation comes through from the insurance company which fingers crossed it will!  I saw my friend Dawn this morning where Marley originally came from and she gave him a lovely butchers bone which had been in the freezer.  I gave it to him when I got home and I swear he lay in his bed with it for 3 hours!!!

Right I am off to see how many more people I can find to tell that I have had a cold for FIVE weeks!!!!!!


The REAL Marley and Me xx

Monday, 14 October 2013

Return of the Ninja Squirrel!!

Hello!!!!!!!!!  It's been over a month since I was last here and whilst I have many things to catch up on I must start with a Peckham Ninja squirrel that is terrorising my sister!!!

My lovely sister Heather is a teacher in Peckham and lives in a really love flat on the top floor of a block in Peckham itself!  There is not much in the way of wildlife in Peckham but she has a lovely balcony with decking complete with chairs and various potted plants!  So imagine her surprise when she was confronted with this...........................

Let me introduce you to Leroy Jenkins, or Mister Jenkins to you and I!!! (named by Charlie)

So Heather first came across him on Saturday night sitting on the wall of her balcony.  She put an emergency call in to my Dad to ask "how the hell did he get up here?!".  Once he had stopped crying with laughter he explained to her that they are capable of climbing up drain pipes!  So there he sat eyeballing her for some time!  When she sent me the photo last night I asked her if he had made an appearance that day (Sunday) and she replied that the photo had been taken only 20 minutes previous, so it would seem he might be a regular visitor!

Of course my theory is that he is casing the joint and has a little "posse" waiting in the hood somewhere to pounce!!!!!

So back to us!!!!  To be brief we have moved house and are now enjoying the luxuries of heating and a dishwasher woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marley took a couple of weeks to settle in and in doing so my HORRIBLE neighbour next door set the dog warden on me about his barking while he tries to sleep in the day after his night shift.......................seriously don't get me started on this!  So after a long conversation with the dog warden who was very nice and not in the least bit judgmental she has closed the non-existent case!

The sad news is that Marley has torn the ligament in his other back leg!!!!!!!!  So i am just waiting for the insurance company to confirm that they will cover MORE surgery before I take him because without the insurance there is no way I can afford to get it done, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it!

So in the meantime I will leave you with a photo of a discovery I made a few weeks into living here, of a very cheeky Marley......

erm I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The REAL Marley and Me xxx