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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Too hot for dogs!!!

What is with this weather this week?  I think temperatures were up to about 24 degrees today!

I was on flash duty today.  Poor Natalie works full days and is sometimes unable to get back at lunch time to walk Flash - come to think of it, it always seems to be on a Monday and Tuesday when I'm NOT working, am I missing something here MRS JONES!!!!!!!!

Anyway Flash is a moody old bitch and not in the female dog sense of the word!!!  She loves and adores her Jones family but she hates me and she hates Marley and she especially hates it when I turn up to walk to her!  When I let myself in she is always curled up in her bed like she's about 90 years old and just about manages to look up at me when I walk in, but will not even move an inch until I am shaking the lead above her head!  At this point she just about manages to haul her arse out to walk to the front door and reluctantly gets in my car, ignoring a hyper ventilating Marley sat in the back!!

So we get to the meadows and that's it, she's off - never to be seen again on our walk!!!  It is here that she goes completely deaf and does not know her name so I have learnt to WALK ON and let her follow at her own annoyingly slow pace!!!!!!

So anyway with the temperature and Marley's very annoying constant panting (Flash doesn't pant whats that all about?!!!) I decided it might be better to walk through the wooded area being lovely and shaded and, as I found out, with a lovely breeze running through it......

Sniffer dogs!!

Marley taking the lead!

Marley, never a stones throw from me!

And then Flash fricking miles away despite me caterwauling her name!!!!


So there we have it!  I am on Flash duty again next Tuesday.............WAIT A MINUTE JONES!!!!!!!!!!

The REAL Marley and me xx

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

It's been FIVE months!!!!!!

I can't believe how the time flies!!!  I have been so super busy having a life that I just haven't had a moment to think about my blog, but chatting to my lovely BF Natalie about her blog which is still going I thought I might give it another go!!!

There are few stories to tell about Marley these days so I thought perhaps I should just post some nice photos every now and then!  Natalie commented today how photogenic Marley is and she is absolutely right.................

So it is September and back to school time HOORAH.....

It's Bob's birthday at the end of the month and he really wants hamsters!  So we sourced a bargain of a cage on facebook and picked that up last week so while the boys were away at the weekend with their 'other parent' i decided to be a fabulous mummy and purchase 2 dear little chinese dwarf hamsters to surprise Bob when he got back.  Marley was thrilled......

 What you can't see clearly on this photo was the very long string of drool hanging from his mouth!!!

And here's Steve and Alan..........

Please don't mention the size of their balls it is a very sensitive subject for me!!!!!!!!!

And finally dear old Poppy!  She is still with us living a very privileged cats life....

Black eye after a night out on the town!!!!!!!

Bathing in our indian summer sun!!

And there will have it that is us for now!  I think photos is the way to go so I will update more in the very near future!


The REAL Marley and Me xx

Monday, 10 March 2014

It's Spring!!

Spring is here, woohoooooo!!

What a relief is has been to see the sun again these last few days and for the temperature to be in double figures!

This called for a celebratory walk in the park with our besties Belinda and Busta.........

This did however, cause Busta to suddenly develop "Limp Tail Syndrome" (yes this is an actual condition!!!) for no reason whatsoever!  So there he was happy as larry having a whale of a time with a very floppy tail!! Thankfully it seems to be on the mend today although still has a bit of a kink in the end of it!  Seriously though only Busta!!!!

So I have been at my wits end with Marley's shedding hair since we moved to this house.  He has been malting since the day we moved here and is showing no signs of stopping!  Now I know there are terrible things in the world such as war and famine etc. but Marley's shedding hair makes me want to cry!!!  I have wooden floors that I sweep or hoover every day and as soon as I have finished, his hair has covered the surface again!  When he walks he is like a christmas tree that sheds it's needles!!  I find his hair in my shoes, in the bath, all over the toilets, in my food, in the washing machine seriously the list goes on!!!

Anyway my dog walker recommended I get one of these..........


It's claim on the packaging is that it reduces shedding by 90%!!!!!  Imagine my excitement!!!!  So £35 later (discounted online from £42!!!), after one brushing session this was the result.....


This has GOT to make a difference to my floors if I do this to him every day!  I have done it today and already there is nowhere near as much hair coming off!  Poor dog will be bald by the time I have finished with him!

Anyway he had a treat today after we saw my friend Dawn where he originally came from, she gave him a bone that she got for him from the butchers!  So I put his bed outside in the sun for him and he lay there quite happily for a couple of hours.......

So enjoy the sun my friends, it is just so lovely and seems to put a smile on everyone's face!  And it will soon be summer..............


The REAL Marley and Me xxx

Sunday, 2 March 2014

We're still alive!!!

HELLOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!  So it has been about 10 years since I last wrote and a lot has happened since then and none of it of the good, exciting variety!

I have been constantly ill since my last post and am currently deaf in one ear and about to cut it off!

We are desperately trying to move AGAIN, things have not worked out here which is a shame but I won't bore you with all the details!

Marley had his op and has recovered really well, but it has been a horrible horrible winter and therefore there are not many stories to tell about him!  Apart from him eating a sandwich the other day that I had made for Bobby's lunch, he swallowed it whole sandwich bag an' all!!!!!!

Will try and be on here a bit more regular now!!!


The REAL Marley and Me xx