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Monday, 28 January 2013

Everyone needs a Marley

I felt really blue and fed up when I got up yesterday morning.  I had, had a fab Saturday with all 3 of my best friends - lakeside shopping with Emma in the day and bingo (yes bingo - such fun!!!) with Natalie and Belinda (and our other friend Lorraine) in the evening, so felt a bit flat on Sunday.  Anyway I sat in my pj's on the sofa having a coffee, watching TV and feeling sorry for myself (the boys were at their dad's for the weekend) when Marley jumps up for a cuddle......

Just look at that face!!

and those eyes!!

How could I feel fed up after a cuddle like that!  So Belinda rang and off we went to the meadows......

Which is now a lake!!

I cannot believe we went from this last week...

to this......

Marley gradually started to enjoy the water so long as there was a stick to chase, Busta on the other hand was not so keen!  Luckily half the meadow was high enough not to be affected by the water and so Marley and Busta had a fab time playing their favourite game of tug of war!

It was such a beautiful day yesterday, a welcome relief from the snow and wind and rain and the sunshine was so warm, albeit short lived now that we are in stormy weather again today!

I will leave you with a photo of Marley playing his favourite indoor game, which basically involves putting a tennis ball in my lap and waiting for me to throw it off for him!


the REAL Marley and me xx

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The face of innocence!

This is the face that greeted me when I walked into the front room earlier

and this is what was on the floor next to him.......

A very chewed up tealight!!!

I've had two tealights on one of my side tables for weeks with no problem and then I caught him eyeing them up this morning and warned him away but when my back was turned this afternoon he just couldn't resist!  I will so look forward to waxy poos over the next couple of days!!!  He once ate a WHOLE bag of sugar that he dragged out of a kitchen cupboard, and his poo's ended up looking like green jelly!!!!!!

So the snow is hanging about and I am not enjoying it one little bit!  I have been lighting my fire for coming up to 3 months now and am just about sick of it (oh how I long for central heating!!!), Marley loves it though....

I don't think the cats are enjoying it either, they are spending a lot of time indoors snuggled up somewhere warm and I feel so heartless when I have to turf Maisie out of a night, but if I don't (which I didn't the other night) what greets me in the morning is deposits of poo and vomit NICE!!!  Poppy and Dotty seem to be very toilet trained but then they are only 1 and 3 I suppose and Maisie is a granny at the ripe of age of 17 if only they sold incontinence knickers for cats!!!

Poppy curled up on the sofa next to the fire

Poppy coming to see me in bed last night!

The other thing Maisie does if you let her stay in overnight, is that she insists on sleeping on my pillow right next to my head!  I have on many occasions woken up to her looking at me nose to nose breathing in my breath, it is seriously a very frightening experience!!!

So onwards we go in the horrible weather!  I have been trying to cheer myself up with the thought that by the time the snow goes we will be in February which is nearly March and April and we can hopefully start looking forward to some warmer weather....well we can hope!  

I think I will leave you with a nice summery photo to warm your cockles!!!

How lovely to see a bit of green!!


The REAL Marley and Me xx

Friday, 18 January 2013

It's Snowing!

Happy Snow Day from Hazel Cottage
 that is the actual name of my house and purely a coincidence - it wasn't named after me!!

So it arrived today in full force!  I am not a lover of snow, not the actual stuff which can be quite fun, but the chaos is causes.  If I can't travel, I can't work and I don't get paid!  Still having made it to work this morning at least and with the kids home from school early I decided to make the best of it!

Marley LOVES the snow!

Marley behaves like a dressage horse in the snow, he loves it and so does flash she was doing a good job of chasing snowballs in her garden this afternoon!

So because I am such a fun Mum (!!) I dragged the sledge out from the back of the shed, wrapped us all up and headed on over to Natalie's, which is 2 streets away, for a cuppa!!  I left Marley at home in the warm with a lovely chew, I didn't think I could handle him on the lead whilst pulling the sledge!


Bobby and Charlie

So whilst I have made the most of the snow today I am not looking forward to it tomorrow or the next day!  Please let it thaw Sunday night so that normal life can resume on Monday!


The REAL Marley and Me


Sunday, 13 January 2013

No words.........

Other than, it was my fault!!!

When will I learn?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Marley - The most neglected dog in the world!

If Marley could talk - or type - this is what he would say to you.....

My favourite armchair!

"My name is Marley and I am the most neglected dog in the whole world!  I am allowed to relax and sleep on the sofa but I am not allowed on the beds - surely this is an infringement of my canine rights!!!  My master feeds me the most expensive food there is but she only feeds me twice a day can you believe that!  Therefore I have to eat every thing in sight to keep myself going, she often harps on about chocolate and raisins being poisonous but I don't know what that means so I just eat them anyway, how does she expect me to survive otherwise!

I am allowed to go on three outings a day THREE!!!!  What I don't understand is why I can't go out ALL day, I mean I go to the door every single time my master moves but she doesn't seem to get it!!!  And when we do go out to see Flash or Busta, what is the problem with rolling in fox poo we LOVE it!!!!

Look at the poo Flash rolled in today, it's stuck in her collar and everything - what's not to love?!!

And can you believe that sometimes my master leaves me at home on my own for 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!  How dare she that is pure neglect I should be going EVERYWHERE with her!!!"

So....that is what I think Marley thinks!  He is the most well looked after and loved dog there is next to Flash and Busta and yet he behaves like he's on the brink of starvation and locked in a cupboard all day!  I still love him but seriously sometimes he's impossible to live with!

On a brighter note, look what I got free with his food this month (that costs me £50 per month BTW!!!!)

My very own James Wellbeloved Flask - what more could a girl ask for!!!


The REAL Marley and Me xx

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The one with the Christmas pudding!

Raisins in any shape or form are highly toxic to dogs!  Especially when they are consumed in a family size (serving 8 people) Christmas pudding!

Queue call to the vet to see if I need to take immediate action or if I can wait to see if he shows any symptoms of dying!  So off we speed to doggy A & E!  Marley thought it was great, what an adventure going out in the car in the middle of the day!  And how fabulous to arrive in this building where there are lots of people so pleased to see him!!!!!!!!!!

Now please note that Marley opened the cupboard door where the f***ing food waste bin is kept while I was upstairs for about 15 seconds and in this time managed to drag the bin out of the cupboard and pretty much swallow the pudding whole!

So the procedure involved Marley having an injection to induce vomiting, apparently he brought up a significant amount of unchewed Christmas pudding as well as some turkey - so festive!!!  Then he was given charcoal to soak up any toxins that might be floating around (they has to mix in food because apparently charcoal in the only thing in the world that he won't eat!), he had to have a drip to ensure he was hydrated and had to have an overnight stay.  Marley was in heaven having undivided attention!!!!!!

So when I call the lovely vets in the morning the overnight nurse told me what a treasure he was (!!!) and that he was doing well and was full of beans so much so that when she let him out in the yard for a run he went straight for the black bin SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Several blood tests later he was back home not feeling sorry for himself particularly but in amongst his usual boundless energy he did actually sleep quite a lot over the next couple of days as well as finding some chocolate coins from somewhere WHERE THE HELL DID HE FIND THEM and consuming them!  this time I decided to see if dying would occur, it did not!!!!

Marley trying to chew his bandage off!

A very tired Marley!!

So the lesson here is that raisins (and grapes) are highly toxic to dogs!  The consumption of them can result in kidney failure and then death, the vets do not know why this happens and you must act immediately!  Apparently just 3 raisins can cause a fatality!  Luckily Marley is right as rain, he never showed any symptoms of renal failure and he may have been just fine without the treatment but I am glad I acted and prevented any harm!

The food waste bin is now on the worktop behind my plate rack where he absolutely cannot reach it!  If he does I am sending him away to a lab for tests because it would mean he had special powers!!!

Happy new year!!#

Oh and ALWAYS get pet insurance!  Marley's luxury stay cost £266 thankfully I only have to pay the £80 excess, thank the lord for pet insurance!!!


The Real Marley and Me xx