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Monday, 21 October 2013

It's all about me!!!!!!!'s all about me..........


So I promised a while ago with Marley's lack of mischievousness in his old age that I would blog more about me, so here goes!

I have had a cold for FIVE weeks, yes FIVE weeks!  I have not been quiet about the fact that I have had a cold for FIVE weeks and today I gave in and went to the doctors because I am completely deaf in my left ear.  Seems I have a blocked tube between my nose and my ear which is causing fluid build up and so I now have a nasal spray to use and god willing, i mean seriously GOD WILLING, it will be better in a few days!!!!  In the meantime there will be lots of this...

and this..........

So to make myself feel better I spent TEN quid on a candle that smells of wild bluebells and peony's which is lovely and looks gorgeous next to my ribbon flowers very cleverly made by Natalie's niece Minnie....


I suppose I had better give Marley a mention before I go!  He is penciled in for the surgery on his leg next Monday providing the pre-authorisation comes through from the insurance company which fingers crossed it will!  I saw my friend Dawn this morning where Marley originally came from and she gave him a lovely butchers bone which had been in the freezer.  I gave it to him when I got home and I swear he lay in his bed with it for 3 hours!!!

Right I am off to see how many more people I can find to tell that I have had a cold for FIVE weeks!!!!!!


The REAL Marley and Me xx


  1. OMG daughter its just a cold!

  2. How long have you had this cold for? Lol V xx

    1. Didn't I tell you it had been 5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. oh and don't show mia your glasses shes obessed x

    1. OMG I really though I had some weirdo follower called Kevin until you said about Mia that is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!

  4. HELLO! Lovely to see a face for the "voice". I'm sorry you've been so poorly, Hazel. Feel better soon!

    Is Marley's op for the same problem as last time or a different one? Poor boy. xx

  5. How did Marley's operation go?

    Hope you've finally got over your cold and are settling well into the new house xxx