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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hazel Cottage in the Sunshine!

Hazel Cottage comes into it's own in the Summer.......

And so with the sun having his hat on today (although giving no warmth whatsoever!) I just had to share my house with you!

I give you Hazel Cottage!

It's a shame the roses round the porch haven't bloomed yet
 but they are gorgeous when they do and smell heavenly!

My lovely Easter plant - a present from my Mum instead of an Easter egg!

Today has been a glimpse of what Spring should be like albeit -10 degrees!  I fear that we are going to skip Spring and go straight to Summer which will be a shame, but anything above 3 degrees will be a blessing!


The REAL Marley and Me xx


  1. I have such a case of the green eyed monster. Your cottage is absolutely gorgeous. It's the type of house I'd walk by and go "Oooooooooh…I need to live there." Gorgeous!!

    We live in a little 1980's box house, which has no character, but being our first house that we own and being in the country, I am in love with it. One day though……one day I'll have my dream house!

    Thank you so much for sharing xx

  2. Ah thanx Ali, it is very chocolate box but does have it's downsides such as no heating so have to reply on a log burner which is a real pain in this weather! I only rent it unfortunately I couldn't ever in my wildest dreams afford to buy it although I wish I could! The first house I bought was a house like yours and I had the best 7 years there and wish we had never sold it!

  3. It's my dream to live in a cottage just like yours!

  4. Oh my goodness! Your house is gorgeous! Be sure to post pictures when the roses bloom--that sounds beautiful. I feel your pain with the cold sticking around! Even though the sun has been shining for the last couple days here, it feels colder today than it felt in February! But, I guess cold and sunny is better than cold and gloomy, so I should be grateful for the sun :)

  5. If skipping the spring means summer coming early I say......Bring It On.

  6. Ah thanks everyone, however I cried earlier because the house was so cold and didn't feel very fortunate then to be living in such a lovely looking house!!!

    1. In the words of my mother when living in a barn whose single glazed windows had gaps above them that let rain…snow…and biting wind in, not to forget NO central heating, just a couple of crappy storage heaters………..can't you just put a jumper on?

      Joking aside, I completely understand. It's that moment where you realise that there is no difference to the outside and find yourself wearing a coat and gloves inside, drinking cup after cup of tea to stay warm….not wanting to believe that you can actually see your breath…IN-freaking-SIDE! The worst time is having to get up in the morning….all snug in bed. There is literally nothing worse!

      (((warming hugs))) Get Marley to sit on you. I sometimes think I only have dogs to keep me warm. (Howard isn't big enough to cover the entire lap…that's the only reason we got Dennis….*erm*……)

      Ali xx

  7. Seriously I am often known to walk around in my dressing gown over my clothes in the daytime!

    Marley is the best hot water bottle, he often sleeps on my feet (the coldest part of my body!!) and half of my lap and then you feel really cold when he moves!!