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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Marley and THOSE legs!!

So Thursday was the day of Marley's check up!  As I suspected he is not performing as he should on his back leg and so X-rays were required which meant ANOTHER general anesthetic   This is what he looked like when I picked him up....

You can't help but laugh at this picture despite his obvious misery!

If only he could speak!

Or maybe he wouldn't have been speaking to me at all!!

The Surgeon's verdict is undecided.  He said there is nothing too obvious to point to why he is not using his leg properly although the inside hasn't yet healed properly   So he is back on anti-inflammatory pills for 2 weeks and then I have to ring in for a discussion on what action to take next.  He did say he would like him to have hydro-therapy (!!!!) but I am not sure I have either the time or the insurance cover for that so I am going to have to make some enquiries tomorrow!

We got poor Marley home and he really didn't know what was going on!  He kept standing  in the living room and swaying and when he did eventually sit down, he was drooling and his head kept falling to one side as he dozed off which then woke him up again!  He did eventually go to sleep against his will in the position he fell in....

He's still alive don't worry!

So we still can't go for proper walks which has been a real shame with the sun making an appearance this weekend!

The GIANT kittens are growing second by second, so much so that I have transferred them from the litter tray to a box because Poppy couldn't fit in with them anymore, so I will leave you with some heart melting piccies of them!



The REAL Marley and Me xx


  1. Poor darling. He's really gone through the wars, hasn't he? I really hope he picks up soon Hazel.

    I did laugh at the idea of hydrotherapy after what you've said about his penchant for water. Haha!

    The kittens are utterly adorable! I need them all. Literally NEED! I've always told Tom that I need a big chunky ginger boy and a somewhat blue pusscat. I'm sure you understand the fact that I need them and will post them to me first class.

    Ali xx

    1. I'll do you a swap - howard for them both lol!!!

  2. I fall more in love with the little orange baby every time you post new pictures!

    Sorry to hear that Marley's not healing as quickly or as well as hoped! I love the pictures, though. I'll keep my fingers crossed that he's feeling better soon!

  3. He is totally adorable and the most chilled of all them!!!

  4. Poor old Marley..he has been through it recently hasn't he? Hope you...and he...have a good week.

    Bellaboo X

  5. How's Marley doing, Hazel? I've been thinking of him xx

  6. Hi Ali, thanks for thinking of us! I've been a bit awol because I've started a new job and have been living in chaos so haven't had time to blog! Marley is much better, he is finally putting weight on his leg, the surgeon has advised me to keep him on the painkillers for another couple of weeks and the he will review it again. I think he is fine and just taking a bit longer to heal!

    I will definitely be blogging some time this week because the kittens are just so adorable now and you are gonna love their photos!!