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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Too hot for dogs!!!

What is with this weather this week?  I think temperatures were up to about 24 degrees today!

I was on flash duty today.  Poor Natalie works full days and is sometimes unable to get back at lunch time to walk Flash - come to think of it, it always seems to be on a Monday and Tuesday when I'm NOT working, am I missing something here MRS JONES!!!!!!!!

Anyway Flash is a moody old bitch and not in the female dog sense of the word!!!  She loves and adores her Jones family but she hates me and she hates Marley and she especially hates it when I turn up to walk to her!  When I let myself in she is always curled up in her bed like she's about 90 years old and just about manages to look up at me when I walk in, but will not even move an inch until I am shaking the lead above her head!  At this point she just about manages to haul her arse out to walk to the front door and reluctantly gets in my car, ignoring a hyper ventilating Marley sat in the back!!

So we get to the meadows and that's it, she's off - never to be seen again on our walk!!!  It is here that she goes completely deaf and does not know her name so I have learnt to WALK ON and let her follow at her own annoyingly slow pace!!!!!!

So anyway with the temperature and Marley's very annoying constant panting (Flash doesn't pant whats that all about?!!!) I decided it might be better to walk through the wooded area being lovely and shaded and, as I found out, with a lovely breeze running through it......

Sniffer dogs!!

Marley taking the lead!

Marley, never a stones throw from me!

And then Flash fricking miles away despite me caterwauling her name!!!!


So there we have it!  I am on Flash duty again next Tuesday.............WAIT A MINUTE JONES!!!!!!!!!!

The REAL Marley and me xx

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  1. Oh! Is it on,y Tuesdays and Mondays that I ever need her walked? How strange! But how lucky that they are the days you are "free" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. She loves you really. And I love you 😘😘