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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

3 is the Magic Number!!!!

This was the scene upon my descent to bed on Wednesday night...

Now normally I have no tolerance for cats on my bed at night especially Maisie who purrs in her sleep and sounds like a pneumatic drill and then there's the slight problem of piss on my landing carpet courtesy of Maisie whenever she is allowed in over night!  But anyway I must have been REALLY tired because I decided to give them a little treat and allow them to join me for the night...BIG mistake because at 4.45 I woke to the sound of Dotty licking the duvet cover furiously and when I peeked over the covers there she was grunting and pushing away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A total shock seeing as she had only been pregnant for about 5 minutes and had a very small bulge to show for it but anyway within about 20 minutes here the first one was....

What a wonderful sight until Dotty beared teeth and picked the whole kitten up in her mouth, with me thinking she was going to kill it (cats do this is they feel threatened or to help mother nature take it's course), she headed for underneath the duvet!  So I grabbed her and the little scrawny thing bearing some resemblance to a kitten and put them in the wardrobe where she promptly picked it back up and flung herself at the bed and under the duvet.

Sooooo what else could I do but sit downstairs with a coffee at 5.30 AM!!!!!!!  Whilst she brought 2 more scrawny little chickens into the world, this being the result....


So there they were, VERY scrawny and far too little to be in this world, Dotty either had them too early or she is just too small and young herself to have been able to carry very healthy kittens.  I have left her to it for the most part, for the first 2 days she had no idea what she was doing, they didn't seem to be feeding very well and when she went in to them she would plonk herself on top of them.

However we are a few days on and despite my initial worries that they wouldn't make it past a couple of days, they seem to be doing well, Dotty has got the hang of it although when they sleep she buggers off out for hours at a time, but always seems to know to come back when they need feeding!  And here they are today....

You can see how tiny they are, they are all chicken legs and not much else!  We have two girls and a boy and one of them has got an eye open already which is a good sign!

Poppy is off to the vets tomorrow (sshhhh I haven't told her yet) to be "done" "spayed" "neutered" whatever you wanna call it, so that will be one down and as soon as Dotty is ready I will take her too I don't really want to put her through the ordeal again!

As for Marley he is still here, his back leg is back to normal and he has a final check up in a couple of weeks!  Busta came round to play the other day so I will leave you with some piccies of them...


The REAL Marley and Me xx


  1. Your house should be renamed Kitten Cottage!

  2. Congratulations on the new arrivals! It's fun and games in your house isn't it?!
    Hope all goes well for Poppy tomorrow.

    Bellaboo X