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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Exhaustion and Despair!

Poppy that is not me!!!  The three amigos went on Thursday and Friday last week and Poppy is now flitting between exhaustion and feelings of despair!  This is how I found her yesterday morning....

Sleep at last!!!

The funny thing is had we kept the kittens or even just one of them, Poppy would very quickly had disowned them (she absolutely can't stand Dotty), but I can't help but feel her pain when she has been wandering around the house calling for them and when she can't find them she just sits and cries a bit!  She spent ALL night last night crying for them!!!!

I on the otherhand am soooooooooooooo relieved they are gone, because with them they have taken the persistent smell of kitten poo and wee!!!!

Still Dotty is now up the duff (can you believe it!!!) so it won't be long until I am having to contend with hers grrrr..............

So poor old Marley is still confined to lead walks only although his legs appears to be pretty much back to normal!  I did a little naughty thing though and let him off the lead over the park the other day because it was lovely warm sunshine and Busta was out with us and I just wanted to let him have some freedom!  It was so lovely to see and he LOVED it.....

Right I am off to sort some washing out (I hate sundays!!!) and then I am going to take Marley for a sneaky roam around the meadows off his lead (don't tell the surgeon!!!).


The REAL Marley and Me xx

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