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Monday, 26 November 2012

Let me introduce the REAL Marley!

So here's Marley! 
(and my son Charlie!)

He is my 2 year old labrador cross, he is hell to live with but the absolute love of my life!  I wish I had started blogging about him 2 years ago because I have so many stories to tell but I am going to try and tell them bit by bit so as not to bore you!

Marley's story is that at 12 weeks he appeared at a client of mine's house as her new addition!  She already had an older staffy puppy and wanted a companion for him!  When I got to her house Marley was locked in a room and he was ADORABLE!  But she said that they couldn't keep him because he didn't get on with her other dog!  My immediate reaction - I'll take him!!!!!  So there I was completely unprepared with this cute little black puppy in the back of my car along with his bed, food and toys!  The boys and I were delighted (my then husband was not!!!) "what shall we call him" I said, the list was endless, rocky, felix, bunkus, and then I had a lightbulb moment and thought back to one of my favourite hilarious films and said "Marley"!!!!!  IT'S ALL IN THE NAME!!!!!!!!!

Marley was beautiful and he slept for the first few days, he had already had 3 homes by the time he came to me and I think he was exhausted!  He was playful and very mouthy but we loved him, suddenly I was having to wake up in the night to let him out for a wee (my baby days were long gone so it was a bit of a shock!) and getting up with him at 6am to play for hours on end!  My life felt complete!

Then came the first incident, he managed to get the kitchen cupboard door open about a week after he arrived which contained his bag of food and he ate the whole damn lot!!!!!  And he has not stopped eating since!  I mean he eats EVERYTHING he can get his hands one, here is a list to name a few:

1. 4 whole cans of cat food, I mean he demolished the lot, all that was left was the remains of the steel can
2. A WHOLE jar of nutella, I came home and he was running around the whole circuit of the house on a complete sugar high, he crashed into my ironing board and cut his eye, which still did not stop him!
3. Several books
4. A WHOLE pot of doggy painkillers, he had just had an operation (which I will tell you about another time) and I came down in the morning to find an empty container of the pills, blind panic sent me roaring to the vets which was shut on a Saturday so after lots of consideration I realized he had not shown any side affects and he lived to tell the tale!!!
5. Countless shoes and slippers
6. Several dinners off our plates
7. 12 Banana muffins which were strategically placed where I thought he could not reach - how wrong I was!

Am I painting a picture of the REAL Marley?!!!

Another story to tell is his size!  When he fist came to live with us everyone commented on how huge his paws were which apparently meant he would grow to be quite big!  We were told he was a lab/rottie but I think he is probably more lab/great dane!  He is huge, he weighs 40 kilos and stands as tall as me (a petite 5'1") on his back legs!  He of course doesn't know his size or his strength and has had me and friends off our feet, mine was a spectacular incident of sweeping me off my feet into the snow we had last year!  I have figured out that he actually does it on purpose, he runs full pelt looking away and therefore crashes straight into you!

So that is Marley!  I have lots to tell about him, I have to introduce you to his best friends Flash and Busta and my best friends Natalie and Belinda but there is plenty of time for that!

In the meantime Marley has been for a very muddy walk today and braved the huge flooding in the field which was deeper than he thought and cause him to prance around like a dressage horse trying to figure out how to get out!!!!!

Marley's favourite sleeping position in the biggest dog bed in the world!!


The REAL Marley and Me! xxx

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  1. That photo! Oh how I love and hate you Marley in equal measure. Todays display of panic in the flood was hilarious and made me realise that I DO love you because for a moment I considered wading in to rescue you. Though I am often present to witness the stories that will unfold on this blog, I will read with interest none the less!