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Friday, 30 November 2012


Dog poo, fox poo and cat poo (thankfully not human poo now my children are much older!!!), I have to deal with them on a daily basis!

Mr Foxy and his family visit every night and wee and poo in my porch, I am aware that it doesn't help that the empty cat bowls are out there but seriously I have other things to think about of a night than bringing in the cat bowls!  The cats (my cats) like to poo anywhere in the house that might possibly upset me, which is just about everywhere!  I told you previously that Dotty likes to poo in Marley's bed, so this is now dumped in the shed and Marley happily sleeps on the sofa of a night!  They also like to poo every time there is a bath mat on the bathroom or en-suite floor!  Imagine my surprise when sitting on the toilet one day minding my own business when Poppy wanders in (yes I leave the door open) jumps in the bath, positions her bottom over the plughole and does a wee!  Very hygienic I know and much preferred than the carpet but seriously I have never seen anything so extraordinary!!!!

Fox poo over the field is a real problem, especially in the summer, but Marley and Flash bloody love it!  They are never happier than rolling in the stinking sticky stuff, I have on many occasions driven Marley home after a rolling session with my head stuck out the window gagging all the way home!!!  Busta doesn't really seem to get Fox poo, but this is Busta we're talking about so it's not a surprise!!  Whilst talking about Busta a found a gorgeous picture of him when he was a puppy.....

Couldn't you just eat him!!!

So back to the poo!  Yesterday over the field, Marley had his daily lunchtime deposit!  Now for some reason it is never particularly solid this time of day (I am soooo sorry to be talking about this!!!!) but I pick it up nevertheless!  So there I am nattering away to Natalie waiting for Marley to finish his business when he proceeds to put his foot straight in it (on purpose do we think?!!!), it was lovely all between his toes and I am sure he was smirking knowing that he would be getting in the back of my car within minutes with his now pooey foot!!!  So here's what I did......

So to clarify that is a plastic bag tied around Marley's foot!!  Can you can see that he is totally oblivious to the whole thing and probably still laughing at me!  Alas it didn't work and the bag kept coming off but by then his foot was ok so I don't have a poo covered back seat!!!

Marley asleep on the sofa with Dotty and my friend Sue!

Such a handsome boy!!


The REAL Marley and Me xx


  1. We have basically swapped all manner of child related poo talk to animal poo talk - did we always talk about poo when we were younger (and free of both child and animal poo incidents)? There are lots of poo's there.....

  2. I was over the field this afternoon with Bee and Busta and Busta had a piece of straw hanging out of his arse!!! Seriously!!! Bee had to pull it out with a poo bag!!!!