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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ninja Squirrels!

Not only do we have ninja cows in Surrey we also have ninja squirrels and their one and only mission is to torment Marley purely for their own pleasure!

I'm not joking they are EVERYWHERE! Wherever we walk you can guarantee one will be lurking somewhere and it literally drives Marley mad!  They stalk our garden on a regular basis and when the patio doors are permanently open in the summer, if Marley spies one there is no stopping him, he scales the fence and just keeps running!  I have no idea what he would do if he actually caught one but I reckon they are in cahoots with the cows and would do a few ninja moves on him, in fact that's probably why he always comes back!!!!

My theory is that when he looks out of the patio door windows they are in the bushes somewhere tormenting him and wiggling their grey furry bums at him!!

Other creatures that torment Marley on a regular basis are cats, our 3 and any others that are in the public domain!  He once slipped his collar and chased a very brave burly cat that had been giving him eyes every day on the walk to school! I ran after him because I thought he would  kill him if he caught him (or maybe they are ninja cats too!!!) but luckily the cat managed to jump a fence!  Funnily enough following this incident the cat would scarper every morning as soon as Marley was in sight!!!  Marley is cool with our 3 cats but loves to give chase round the house!!

My Cats (Left to right) Dotty, Poppy and Maisie

And finally the other things that are the bane of Marley's life are foxes and our resident hedgehog whom I have named George!

Mr Foxy in my back garden!

George the hedgehog outside the front door!

They are in cahoots with the squirrels and just their presence is enough to send Marley wild!

My last photo of the day is one I took this afternoon of Marley sat (literally) on Charlie when he got home from school, I think this photo demonstrates his size!!!!


The REAL Marley and Me xx


  1. Do other residents of Horley realise how talented the local livestock are? We have now both managed to blog about squirrels! The tail waving by the squirrel today was very intriguing - was it a mating call? A taunt? A ninja communication for passing ninja cats and/or cows? God bless Terry Nutkins, we could've done with his help before he went to the animal watching kingdom in the sky

  2. I am so on the look out for ninja moves that whilst watching Strictly I shouted "Ninja!" at a paticular point when Nicky was dancing - watch his routine and see what I mean!

  3. That's hilarious!!! I watched 4 ninja squirrels in my mums garden earlier, they were filling up on the bird table, they were well funny to watch!!!