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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Meet Marley's Friends!

Marley has lots of friends in the animal kingdom!  His first friend was Flash a 3 year old Beagle belonging to my best friend Natalie....

Natalie and Flash!

When Marley first joined us he and Flash became instant friends, she tolerated his puppiness and she taught him a lot about socially acceptable behaviour (yeah right!!!!)  However she quickly became quite possessive of him and she now refuses to allow him to speak to any other canines whilst he is in her company, and should he dare she tells him off immediately, he definitely knows his place!!!!!!!

Then a year ago my other best friend Belinda (I also have a forever best friend called Emma but she is not Marley related - sorry Emma!!!) introduced Busta to the world, a beautiful blue staffy!

Belinda and Busta (she's gonna love me for this one!!!!)

Busta is the most adorable dog you will ever ever meet, he completely dispels all the myths about Staffs!  He has the temperament of a gay teddy bear!!!  Bee hasn't even bothered having his balls chopped off because there is not an ounce of aggression in him and he has no idea what to do with them!

So now we have our very own PACK!  Flash is the leader, Marley has no idea what is going on and Busta is the baby!!

Marley has one other friend in the form of our 6 month old kitten Dotty who was born to our 2 year old cat Poppy!  We ended up keeping her because no one wanted to buy her and so she joined our clan for good and her and Marley are the absolute best of friends!

Dotty whilst very lovable is also evil, should you happen to walk past her she will pounce on you and try and eat your feet, she climbs the curtains and often goes to the toilet in Marley's bed - that's how much she truly loves him!!!!!

So there's Marley's friends!

I have one funny story to retell today!  Back at the beginning of the year I met Natalie and Flash over the field we walk in every day and was met by a stray cow that had come through the fence of the adjoining field!  Marley was in heaven, not put off by the cow's size or demeanor he gave chase!  Marley is not the fastest of runners because he had to have an operation on his legs when he was a few months old and now has the beginnings of arthritis but he gives it a good go!  So there we are with Marley chasing this cow whilst I am on the phone to my friend who knows the farmer and Natalie and I trying to somehow stop the cow from running towards any roads!  By this time Marley had chased the cow right to end of the field and they both disappeared behind some bushes!  I am still running and then suddenly Marley appears from the bushes running away with the cow following behind him!  God knows what went on behind the bushes I reckon the cow did a few ninja moves on Marley and he thought "bugger this"!!!!

Why do you never think to pull the camera out at a time like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The REAL Marley and Me!!!


  1. If I thought I really looked like that in real life I might consider ending it all......

    Cow day was truly hilarious!

    1. I love that we all think we don't look like we do in photos!!!!!!!

    2. p.s. can you follow me please Jones!!!