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Thursday, 13 December 2012


This is not a word I would use to describe Marley, he is a big lovable giant, but I feel safe in his presence!  He is a pretty good guard dog at home although I worry that he would lick a burglar to death rather than bite them!

wellard - yeah right!!!

So there we were today over the field with Natalie and Flash.  Flash has a tendency to take herself off out of sight while Marley mills along, but when Natalie calls her back Marley gives her a right good telling off!  We have decided that whilst they are the best of friends they are pretty grump with each other!  Then appear a pack of 3 springer spaniels giving it large!  They were barking at Flash and Marley and you should have seen them both!  Tails between their legs and hackles up, it was a pathetic sight, they looked like a right pair of pussies!!!!

Speaking of pussies, the adorable Busta went to the vet today for his annual booster.  The vet asked Belinda what she was going to do about having his balls chopped off assuming that being over a year old now he is humping everything in sight!  When Belinda told her that he has no idea what to do with it and doesn't even attempt to clean it himself (ewwwww!!!) she said it probably wouldn't be worth studding him and that he is probably a jaffa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Whilst vets always encourage male dogs to be neutered (she told me to get Marley done early at 5 months) she said not to worry too much about Busta!  He also has 4 ingrowing eyelashes, he is such a TART!!!!!!!!!

Busta and Marley in the summer

And this weeks victim was.....

My beloved doorstop!

I loved my doorstop!  I bought it in the summer and up until the other day Marley hadn't bothered with it!  But he was shut in the front room with Bobby while my dad and his mate were fitting a new front door for me and i could hear Bobby laughing saying that Marley was burping and when I went in there to join in the laughter this is what greeted me! Don't you love that Bobby was completely unaware despite the carnage in front of him!  Luckily Natalie (who has a fab crafting blog the link to which is on here) is a dab hand with a sewing needle and I have therefore give it to her as a repair job!

Marley asleep nestling into the (fake) Christmas Tree!


The REAL Marley and Me xx

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  1. The dogs definitely had a Kevin and Perry moment when those spaniels started barking - it was truly hilarious! They strutt about so confidently until someone anwers them back. And your doorstop will be completed soon xx