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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Old(ish) Dog, New Tricks!

It is just 3 more sleeps till Christmas and Marley is going through an ULTRA annoying stage!  Where do I begin this week!!!!!!

How does he know the sound of the wrapper on a block of cheese!!!!  He can be fast asleep in the front room and as soon as I get the cheese out he is there beside me waiting for his tasty morsel!

How does he know when it's 6.30 am EVERY morning!  How does he know that if he comes to me beside the bed and barks he knows I will shout at him, so instead he thinks it is really clever to shake his head from side to side so that his lips clap together in the hope that this will rise me from my slumber!  I have taken to laying really still with my eyes closed pretending to be asleep until he gives up and slopes back downstairs!!

Marley watching a very interesting documentary about snow foxes!

But this morning was the piniccle of his annoying behaviour!  My elderly cat Maisie got shut in yesterday while I was out at work and did just a little wee on the (new) landing carpet, I couldn't be cross with her because she is 16 years old and they haven't invented tenna ladies for cats yet!  So I mopped it up and then today I will scrub it with biological washing powder because this will prevent any of the cats re-offending!  So there I was at 6.30 this morning comatose after a particularly hellish week, when I was woken to the sound of what sounded like water leaking on the floor somewhere, I shot out of bed to catch Marley with his leg cocked weeing up the landing wall and all over the carpet!  "I am speechless you bastard dog" I whispered venomously in an attempt not to wake the boys up!!!!!!  WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He went quietly downstairs with his ears down!  Apart from marking his scent where the cat had weed I can only think that the WHOLE packet of willy wonka gobstoppers he consumed contributed to his out of control weeing episode as this is not something he has done since he was a cute NOT annoying puppy!!!

So with Christmas just a few days away I am unable to put ANY presents under the tree until the day because we all know they will be consumed over night, and on Christmas eve he will have to bunk in with me in my bedroom so that he doesn't attack Father Christmas in the night and eat all the presents that are left!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

The REAL Marley and Me xxx

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