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Friday, 18 January 2013

It's Snowing!

Happy Snow Day from Hazel Cottage
 that is the actual name of my house and purely a coincidence - it wasn't named after me!!

So it arrived today in full force!  I am not a lover of snow, not the actual stuff which can be quite fun, but the chaos is causes.  If I can't travel, I can't work and I don't get paid!  Still having made it to work this morning at least and with the kids home from school early I decided to make the best of it!

Marley LOVES the snow!

Marley behaves like a dressage horse in the snow, he loves it and so does flash she was doing a good job of chasing snowballs in her garden this afternoon!

So because I am such a fun Mum (!!) I dragged the sledge out from the back of the shed, wrapped us all up and headed on over to Natalie's, which is 2 streets away, for a cuppa!!  I left Marley at home in the warm with a lovely chew, I didn't think I could handle him on the lead whilst pulling the sledge!


Bobby and Charlie

So whilst I have made the most of the snow today I am not looking forward to it tomorrow or the next day!  Please let it thaw Sunday night so that normal life can resume on Monday!


The REAL Marley and Me



  1. Oh Hazel, your house is gorgeous!!

  2. Ah thank you I think so too, i can't wait for the summer when the roses over the porch come out!

  3. Being pulled along by a dog - now, we both know where that can end! Flash was determined to have me over on a walk at the weekend but, having fallen over once already in the snow, I was equally determined to stay upright. You should use that photo and make your own christmas cards.....