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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The one with the Christmas pudding!

Raisins in any shape or form are highly toxic to dogs!  Especially when they are consumed in a family size (serving 8 people) Christmas pudding!

Queue call to the vet to see if I need to take immediate action or if I can wait to see if he shows any symptoms of dying!  So off we speed to doggy A & E!  Marley thought it was great, what an adventure going out in the car in the middle of the day!  And how fabulous to arrive in this building where there are lots of people so pleased to see him!!!!!!!!!!

Now please note that Marley opened the cupboard door where the f***ing food waste bin is kept while I was upstairs for about 15 seconds and in this time managed to drag the bin out of the cupboard and pretty much swallow the pudding whole!

So the procedure involved Marley having an injection to induce vomiting, apparently he brought up a significant amount of unchewed Christmas pudding as well as some turkey - so festive!!!  Then he was given charcoal to soak up any toxins that might be floating around (they has to mix in food because apparently charcoal in the only thing in the world that he won't eat!), he had to have a drip to ensure he was hydrated and had to have an overnight stay.  Marley was in heaven having undivided attention!!!!!!

So when I call the lovely vets in the morning the overnight nurse told me what a treasure he was (!!!) and that he was doing well and was full of beans so much so that when she let him out in the yard for a run he went straight for the black bin SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Several blood tests later he was back home not feeling sorry for himself particularly but in amongst his usual boundless energy he did actually sleep quite a lot over the next couple of days as well as finding some chocolate coins from somewhere WHERE THE HELL DID HE FIND THEM and consuming them!  this time I decided to see if dying would occur, it did not!!!!

Marley trying to chew his bandage off!

A very tired Marley!!

So the lesson here is that raisins (and grapes) are highly toxic to dogs!  The consumption of them can result in kidney failure and then death, the vets do not know why this happens and you must act immediately!  Apparently just 3 raisins can cause a fatality!  Luckily Marley is right as rain, he never showed any symptoms of renal failure and he may have been just fine without the treatment but I am glad I acted and prevented any harm!

The food waste bin is now on the worktop behind my plate rack where he absolutely cannot reach it!  If he does I am sending him away to a lab for tests because it would mean he had special powers!!!

Happy new year!!#

Oh and ALWAYS get pet insurance!  Marley's luxury stay cost £266 thankfully I only have to pay the £80 excess, thank the lord for pet insurance!!!


The Real Marley and Me xx


  1. Marley is like the canine version of my son - I think they'd get along splendidly. (Tho we'd have to take bets to see who'd collapse from exhaustion first...) Reading your posts has made me v pleased that I haven't (yet) given into the CONSTANT NAGGING from my 2 older kids to get a dog. As with everything, however, I'm sure they'll wear me down eventually...

    1. Haha, read my blog from cover to cover if you are ever tempted to take the plunge into the world of the canine! Seriously I'm not sure which requires more effort, children or dogs! Whilst your blog reminds me daily the reason I stuck with 2 babies and have no desire to EVER add to my brood, my blog will put you off dog owning for life!!!

      p.s. welcome by the way it is so lovely to know that someone reads about Marley other than my loyal friends!!!

  2. If we didn't really love that dog we'd be feeding him christmas pudding every day! I think he may actually be a cat in disguise - he certainly has nine lives. How can he get into so many scrapes and remain unscathed? And it is SO unfair that he can consume so much and remain so slim!

  3. Soooo unfair that he remains so slender!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh Marley, you silly thing! Lord Maximus had a similar experience, but decided to be a ninja door opening dog at 9pm on a Saturday. (Well, the emergency vets sounds far more fun than the regular) ………£580 later and 5 drips as he kept pulling them out, and he still hasn't learned his lesson.

    He's now learned to open the fridge….!

    (I keep reminding my brother that is exactly why we were sensible and got a tiny little thing that can't reach the surfaces/doors/fridge…..!)

    Thank goodness Marley was alright.


  5. What are they like! When they figure out how to open doors life becomes a nightmare!!

  6. I'm so glad I'm not the only one whose dog gets into this kind of trouble! The second month I had her, we were rushing off to the vet because she'd eaten sugar-free gum, which is also toxic for dogs. I've since learned how to induce vomiting at home because that was just the first of many times my crazy girl has tried to poison herself! Glad to hear that Marley is ok!

  7. Its a nightmare isn't it! I had no idea gum was toxic too! I think when you take your puppy to the vets they should give you a list of things that are poisonous to them! Very few people know about raisins!

    Welcome to my blog by the way, I am off to look at yours now!!

  8. Yes, it is a nightmare! It would be great to have a little pamphlet of all of the poisonous things because my dog seems to be excellent at finding all of them no matter where they are hidden! Luckily, I'd just seen a special about the gum on one of the morning news shows, so I knew to call the vet. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have thought much of it!