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Monday, 28 January 2013

Everyone needs a Marley

I felt really blue and fed up when I got up yesterday morning.  I had, had a fab Saturday with all 3 of my best friends - lakeside shopping with Emma in the day and bingo (yes bingo - such fun!!!) with Natalie and Belinda (and our other friend Lorraine) in the evening, so felt a bit flat on Sunday.  Anyway I sat in my pj's on the sofa having a coffee, watching TV and feeling sorry for myself (the boys were at their dad's for the weekend) when Marley jumps up for a cuddle......

Just look at that face!!

and those eyes!!

How could I feel fed up after a cuddle like that!  So Belinda rang and off we went to the meadows......

Which is now a lake!!

I cannot believe we went from this last week...

to this......

Marley gradually started to enjoy the water so long as there was a stick to chase, Busta on the other hand was not so keen!  Luckily half the meadow was high enough not to be affected by the water and so Marley and Busta had a fab time playing their favourite game of tug of war!

It was such a beautiful day yesterday, a welcome relief from the snow and wind and rain and the sunshine was so warm, albeit short lived now that we are in stormy weather again today!

I will leave you with a photo of Marley playing his favourite indoor game, which basically involves putting a tennis ball in my lap and waiting for me to throw it off for him!


the REAL Marley and me xx


  1. Marley!! You melt my heart!
    Bella always manages to cheer me up when I'm having a bad day.

    Bellaboo X

  2. Amazing how the animal that melts your heart is also the one that can break it when he/she rolls in poo/chews the furniture! Where would we be without our 4 legged friends?

  3. Oh gosh…look at that lake!!

    Marley and Buster are both lovely! Marley has such a soulful face! Dog's just KNOW when you need a bit of extra comfort.


  4. Ah thank you, he is a poorly soul at the moment with a bad back leg which I will update you about in tomorrow's post, so those dog eyes are even more puppified at the moment!!