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Monday, 11 February 2013

A poorly Marley and a Pregnant Poppy!

Marley has ripped a tendon in his back leg!!!  he had x-rays under a general anesthetic last week to confirm and has been referred to a specialist for surgery on Wednesday...

Recovering from the general anesthetic in front of the fire last Thursday!

Poor Marley, I feel so sorry for him!  He has had such a rough time with his joints, his legs are far too long for his 40kg body which makes him lanky and awkward (and adorable) and the vet said he probably turned too quickly while we were out one day which ripped the tendon which now has to be replaced - not repaired!! with Marley when he cannot be walked properly (3 times a day) is UNBEARABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously I am at my wits end already and I read online that the recovery for the surgery could be 14 weeks FOURTEEN WEEKS!!! He paces, and he barks and he runs to the end of the garden full throttle like there's a mass murderer out there every time I open the door and he scavenges for food!  WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basking in the sun on the sofa!

On a  more positive "spring is on it's way" note, Poppy is up the duff!!!  It's weird when cats are pregnant because overnight they suddenly expand and that's how you know!  I just love little kittens and they are not too hard to look after, as long as they are in a room shut away from Marley they are pretty self sufficient!  The problem comes when I fall in love with them!  I just know that if there is a tabby one or a black and white one I will want to keep one but I MUSTN'T, three is enough!!!

Poppy the pregnant roast chicken!

So it's all go here, I feel utterly miserable about everything, I just need some proper sunshine to blow the blues away and then i'll be fine!!!  Before I go I want to leave you with some photo's from my parents house, I was there the other day and all 20 of the chickens were being allowed to roam free in the garden and were having a whale of a time...

Oh and I must introduce you to my parents' dog...

Molly the danastiff (great dane / bull mastiff)

Molly was a rescue dog and is the best, she doesn't steal food and absolutely adores my Dad!!!  She is not quite as tall as Marley but is twice as strong as him which I didn't think would be possible!!!

Oh one very last thing, Natalie text me with an hilarious story about Flash.  She said she let Flash out in the garden last night and she was sick for no apparent reason so she let her back in and noticed that she was walking funny, when she took a closer look she realised that she (flash!!!) had a pepperami wrapper hanging out of her bum LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!  I once had a king charles spaniel who chewed a handbag of mine and a few days later had the strap hanging from the same orifice!!!!!!!


The REAL Marley and Me xx


  1. Oh no! Poor Marley! I hope he's on the mend soon--I'll be crossing my fingers that you both survive the weeks without walks! Our dog trainer wouldn't let us walk for the first few weeks of our training while we were trying to reprogram Barley's brain so she didn't freak out every time we saw a dog, and the trainer told us we'd be fine because mental exhaustion can wear a dog out just as much as physical exhaustion. She was right! Maybe Marley can learn a new trick or two to take his mind off the walks?

    And congratulations to Poppy! Kittens are so adorable that I don't know how anyone can part with them :) Good luck with that, too!

  2. Ah thanks Beth, I think you are right about the mental exhaustion. Marley suffers the most mentally when he can't be walked, I often end up taking him in the car with me whenever possible just to relieve the boredom of the 4 walls at home! I am off to collect him soon after his surgery so will keep everyone updated with how he is doing xx