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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Poor Marley and Busta :(

Marley's surgery was a success, but after 3 general anesthetics in the space of 1 month and several in his very short life time, I think when he got home on Thursday he really had, had enough!!!

He was totally comatose when he got home!

This is the length of the wound, it is on the inside of his leg and is stapled together!

He really wasn't himself when he got home which you think I would have been rejoicing about, but I actually didn't like it!!  Even now 3 days later he is perkier but not completely himself, he is mostly hopping on his leg but he is still on painkillers and will be for about 3 weeks so I expect it to start improving after that.

We had a potter around in the garden earlier (he's not allowed to be walked for 10 days (!!!!!!!!) but it completely whacked him out so he settled down for a rest with fat cat poppy who is the most pathetic pregnant lady ever!!!

BFF Emma then popped over and he was pleased to see a human other than myself, he managed a good waggle of his rear end and tail and had a little widdle on her husband's foot!  Emma came over to give me some owl printed canvas shoes that she got me earlier, I know they are not officially dog related but I cannot resist showing you a photo of them!!

Don't ya just love em!!!!

So onto Busta, the tart of our dog community!  As you know he went in on Friday to have his delicates removed and his eyelashes lasered (seriously!!!!!!!)  Neutering is a very straight forward procedure and I have never heard of a dog that I know having complications and when Marley has his done at 5 months, apart from being exhausted from the anesthetic, you wouldn't have know he had, had anything done!!  BUT this is Busta we are talking about!

So Belinda picked him up to be told by the nurse that he was feeling very sorry for himself.  THAT was an understatement!!!!!  I have never heard a dog crying quietly like a little girl, that was until I saw Busta last night!!!!!  He obviously wasn't in any pain, his tail was wagging and he had no problems laying on the floor, but he wasn't "talking" to Belinda or her husband Gary and lay making the most pathetic sound I have ever heard!

Busta whimpering and feeling VERY sorry for himself!

We decided that the crying was emotion and not due to any pain, and Belinda text me at about 10.30pm to say he had finally gone to sleep but was whimpering in his sleep!!!

So Busta is not allowed out for 10 days either, so Bee and I are feeling a bit housebound, it's weird not having the pressure to walk the dogs every day!!!!

I will leave you with a photo of Marley in his bed, which I dragged out of the shed, where I had put it away due to Dotty liking to use it as a toilet!  He is really comfy in it and he has a lovely view of the garden!


The REAL Marley and Me xx


  1. Sending lots of get well wishes to Marley and Busta...woofs and wags from Bella (she just had a little op on her foot so she knows how you're feeling) :-(

    Love Bellaboo X

    1. Ah poor Bella, they are all in the wars aren't they!

  2. Oh Marley you poor fellow! Hope he feels better soon Hazel. Enjoy the rest whilst you can!!


  3. How's the patient doing, Hazel? (and how are you….?) xx

  4. Hi Ali, lovely to hear from you! Marley is doing brilliantly, he has been the perfect patient, resting well and not being at all hyper which is such a surprise seeing as he hasn't been allowed to be walked for 10 days! He has his staples out today and the vet can't believe how well he is doing!!! I'm doing really well just relieved Marley has healed as well as he has! xx