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Thursday, 14 February 2013

While Marley's away........

The cats will play!!!!

So Marley went in for the surgery on his leg yesterday and fat cat Poppy and Maisie decided they would make the most of the space and peace and quiet in front of the fire last night!!!  Dotty is funny though cause she pines for Marley when he is not there, so she was wondering around like a little lost lamb all night!

I took Marley over to the specialist's at 10am yesterday morning, we were a few minutes early so waited in the car.....

He is the most eager dog I have ever seen at a visit to the vets!!!  Natalie was saying the other day that when Flash goes to the vets, she does so with her tail in between her legs, sweaty paws and loosing fur profusely (a sign of stress)!  But no Marley was described by the surgeon (who did his previous operation on his front legs) as a "nutter" and very "keen"!!!

So there I left him, I never feel upset when I have to leave him there because he loves it so much!  I will however cry when I pick him up if they have shaved half his fur off which they did with his other op, he looked like he had been in a prison camp, it was awful!!!!!!!

Well I am going to enjoy my last day of peace and quiet, where I don't have to worry about the kitchen doors being shut, or food on the side!  Oh and the ninja squirrels are out in force this morning, probably arranging their plan of attack for when he comes home, so I'm glad he's not here at the moment because the torment would be too much for him to bear!!!!!!!!!

Oh forgot to say Busta is going in tomorrow to have his knackers chopped off and his ingrowing eyelashes treated!  So we've got Marley the loveable dumb dog, Busta the tart and Flash the grumpy old bitch, but how we love them so!!!!!!!!


The REAL Marley and Me xxx


  1. I think Poppy is pretending to be Marley lying in front of the fire

  2. Hope Marley's home safe and sound now. I love how excited he looks to be at the vet! Hope you made the most of your day of peace and quiet with the cats :)