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Monday, 4 February 2013

My weird but wonderful cats!

Marley has had a quiet week this week due to a dodgy back leg!  He has arthritis which doesn't normally give him any trouble but he has been hopping on one of his back legs this week, I'm not sure if it is related so he is going for his booster jabs at the vets tomorrow and I will ask her about it then.  So his week has been pretty uneventful apart from stepping on my brand new boots..


And enjoying his new bone...

As did Busta when he came over to play yesterday...

So I thought I would talk about my 3 cats, who are all weird in their own wonderful way!

Lets start with Maisie...

Maisie is 17 and has an anxiety disorder - as diagnosed by me!! It started when she was very young and was terrorised by a neighbours' tom cat who used to come inside our house via the cat flap and spray all round my house NICE!!! I had to throw my toaster away because he sprayed inside it ewwwww and a load of handbags that were in my room!  He once broke in via the locked cat flap which resulted in having to have a new door and cat flat fitted!  His owner was extremely defiant but eventually realised that he had mental problems and had to give him away!  So since then she has rarely ventured outdoors of her own free will and loves to go to the toilet indoors.  "Get a litter tray" I hear you cry, which I have tried but seriously if she wee'd in there just once whilst I am at work she refused to go in their again and then just go next to it on the carpet!  Now I have learnt that I have to put her outside at night, which she seems to have got used to now, and then she sleeps quietly and without needing the toilet all day!

Then there's Poppy....

Poppy is nearly 3 years old and is just WEIRD!!!!  This is how I often find her asleep....

Can you see how she bends her front legs back?  She looks like a roast chicken!!

Poppy is fiercely independent and rarely seeks you out for a cuddle, but I love her all the same and she is VERY toilet trained which is always a bonus!!

And then along came Dotty...

Dotty is 9 months old and a complete nutter, I would even go so far as to say EVIL but in a very loveable way!  She was part of Poppy's first litter than she had last year and I can't resist showing you the kitten photos...

Dotty in the middle, Tiger (on the left) and Simba (on the right)

Tiger and Simba went to very good homes and Dotty had been reserved for Natalie who then had a pang of sensibleness and decided against it!  I advertised Dotty for sale but had not even an enquiry so I took pity and she joined our zoo!

Sooooooooo cute!!!

Dotty has been challenging from day one!  She ALWAYS had a dirty face from the minute she was born, it didn't seem to matter how much her Mum or I cleaned it she was always grubby!  She was the first one of the litter to scoff her face with solid food and absolutely the most playful, she certainly gave the 2 boys a run for their money!

Now that she is a permanent feature you will often find your feet being attacked from underneath the bed when you walk past, she torments Marley no end (he does adore her though), but she is so toilet trained that when she needs a wee she comes to find you to tell you and she just loves a cuddle!!!!

So there they are, all weird but all wonderful in their own way, and as much as I moan about all my animals I would never be without them.  Animals are definitely good for the soul!

I will leave you with a few more kitten photos because they are just too adorable!!!!!!!

The three little piggies!

Dotty and her dirty face!

I could just eat them!!!!!!

Poppy the doting mum (although she hates Dotty now!!!!)

Sorry this is such a long post peeps but I hope you enjoyed all the photo's!


The REAL Marley and Me xx


  1. I love the way Poppy sleeps! All three of them are adorable! I agree that cats are so weird, but I think that's what makes them fun. And that looks like a fantastic bone!

  2. I have never seen a cat sleep like that and I have had lots throughout my life as a child and an adult!!!